Tuesday, 28 February 2017


When it was time to go to the pool I was bursting down the corridor. when i got out the door
I ran out into the line I jumped up and down waiting to go to the pool i was so happy that i was
Going to explode in  100 pieces. when i was walking on the grass to go to the pool.
At last we finally made it to the pool first we hand to go for a show then when we went into the pool. the instructor said  that we had to do streamline across to the island. Then we had to.
Do kickboard hands with the board then we hand to hold ow breath for five sakns in the wert.
 We hand to float on are static and we hand to terna rod and float on are dank we hand to do.
Straight toes and first little ciks it was so cool and fun we was talking about the stream and the.
Beaches sathing that cold dangerous stuff.