Friday, 20 October 2017

Musical Madness

When we were going to the hall we had to walk in a line. We saw Mr J he was so funny he was like a goofball in funny town. We were watching team one item they were playing cards and slamming them it was Funny. Then the teachers were crying.

Then it was team two. They were singing a song and it was about the lion king. After that they were singing in the mutty jungle the lion sleeps tonight. Then it was team 3 item and Mr Moran was singing. but
without his real Voice and Ms King and Ms Davis and Ms Eadie were doing a mummy dance. They were going to the beach.

Next it was team 4 item but I do not know what happened in the team 4 Item because but do know what happen team 5’s. Team 5 were watching a movie and it was so scary. They were eating popcorn too I was scared when I was looking at the screen. What I liked about the hall was the team 2 item because it was so funny. This Term we are doing  musical madness.  

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