Monday, 18 September 2017

my letter

Dear Joshua, it is good to write back to you. We saw  Ned too, it was so cool because she did lots of tricks and she is so fun and we saw harold.  We were learning what is the right thing to eat it but I do not eat health food. My dad always buy the food. I have been to stardome. We had lunch first and then we got to play at the playground then we got to go into the stardome. Have your class been there? There was a planetarium it is
Very very very cool. How do you make jelly do you use food coloring or do you not. I have not been ice skating for a long time but I have once but I slipped over then I fell on my bum. My bum was very very cold. Have you been at the sky tower? I eat delicious food and then we went to the pools and my uncle took me in a limo it was so long we nearly crashed into another car but we just made a Scratch. Have you been in a limo?

Thank you for reading my letter.   

From Teingoa.

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