Friday, 22 September 2017

the best rocket

My rocket haves three armes and my rocket has two arms and his.
Two arms can froe erodes away and my rocket
if I got on my rocket I will be  happier than a boy on his first birthday  and took off I think I will be scored  and when i go.
Into space I will gest go to the moon and see if the flag is still on the moon. And if I sore it I will just dut  my own flag on the moon and I.
Will take a walk around the moon and pick up some rock’s so I can.
Show my family and I will look for some allens if I did and if it was.
Chasing  me and chring to eat I will be scheder than a girl running.
Away from a bog when I got on my rocket was going to blast off dut.
When it blast off is hand no more gas dut you have to always have.
Plan d so I dashed plan d than my rocket dock into a little rocket ship.
Than I can go faster in my little rocket ship then I went to jupiter when I was still in my rocket I went. Sleep I was dreaming about my one planet so I  can.
Do anything I want and the whole planet was cande.
And that I can eat it but then something made me.
Wake up then I said want happen it was the allin.
With it’s one rocket than I went to pluto than I.

What is it like in space it is so cool in space decals you can see lots.
Of defrin plant’s in space and if you go close to neptune you will get.
So could and I saw lots of asteroids trying to hit my rocket dut my.
Rocket is so cool.
Went back to sleep than the allin  follow me.         than I Went back to earth

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